Batman Beyond Complete Series ( All 3 season)

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                                               The pilot episode, titled “Rebirth”, begins in 2019, where an aging Batman, equipped with a high-tech Batsuit, takes on the kidnappers of Bunny Vreeland (the daughter of Veronica Vreeland, one of Bruce Wayne’s girlfriends). During the battle, Batman suffers a heart attack which leaves him unable to fight, forcing him to betray a life-long principle by threatening a criminal with a gun. By this point, Bruce Wayne’s assistants, Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon, have passed away. It is implied by virtue of his lengthy career as Batman, and his retaining the Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl costumes, that a tragic occurrence had transpired that caused Bruce to sever his ties with the Justice League and forbade his allies to assume their alter-egos (the events which caused all of this are revealed in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker). Ultimately, Bruce reluctantly decides that his time as Batman is over and vows “never again” as he shutters the Batcave.

                                            The story fast-forwards to 2039 in Neo-Gotham, a futuristic megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles. Bruce Wayne is a recluse living in bitter isolation in Wayne Manor with no companion but his guard dog, Ace. Terry McGinnis is an athletic 17-year-old high school student and reformed troublemaker with a deeply ingrained sense of personal justice, but is currently not on good terms with his father. His first act in the series is to defend a fellow passenger on a commuter rail from a member of the Jokerz gang. After trying to defend his girlfriend from a gang of Jokerz, Terry engages in a high-speed chase which ends on the grounds of Wayne Manor, where he runs into the elderly Bruce Wayne. Bruce and Terry fend off the Jokerz side-by-side, but the exertion aggravates Bruce’s heart condition. Terry helps Bruce back to the manor, and, after Bruce nods off for a bit, stumbles upon the entrance to the Batcave. He is chased out by a recovered and angered Bruce.


                                                              Terry returns home to discover that his father had been murdered, apparently by the vengeful Jokerz. Soon after, he finds out that the man actually responsible for the murder was Mr. Fixx, the bodyguard of Derek Powers—CEO of a merged Wayne-Powers and his father’s employer—because he possessed knowledge of illegal chemical weapons being produced by Powers. Terry goes to Bruce for help, but Bruce refuses, feeling he is too old and too weak to be of any use. Terry then “borrows” the Batsuit, intending to bring Powers to justice. Bruce initially opposes all of Terry’s efforts and vehemently demands Terry return the suit (at one point paralyzing the suit while Terry is wearing it and in the midst of combat), but Terry convinces Bruce to let him take on the Batman mantle, and he subsequently defeats Mr. Fixx. Realizing that crime and corruption are running rampant in Gotham without Batman’s presence, Bruce offers Terry the chance to assume the role of Batman.

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Batman Beyond Season 2 Complete

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Batman Beyond Season 1 Complete


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Pinky And The Brain 1 – 4 Seasons Complete

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                                                     Pinky and Brain are genetically enhanced laboratory mice who reside in a cage in the Acme Labs research facility.

                                                    Brain is self-centered and scheming; Pinky is good-natured but feebleminded. In each episode, Brain devises a new plan to take over the world, which ultimately ends in failure, usually due to Pinky’s idiocy or the impossibility of Brain’s plan.

                                                      Both Pinky and the Brain, white mice kept as part of Acme Labs’ experimentation, have undergone significant genetic alteration; as per the show’s title lyrics, “their genes have been spliced” which gives the two mice amplified intelligence over that of a typical mouse, the ability to talk to humans, and anthropomorphism.

                                                      “Project B.R.A.I.N.” suggests that the gene splicing occurred on September 9, 1995, coincident to the first full episode of Pinky and the Brain. The episode “Brainwashed” states that the gene splicing was done by Dr. Mordough, along with Snowball the hamster and Precious the cat, using the Acme “Gene Splicer and Bagel Warmer.”

                                                       Although Pinky and the Brain plan to conquer the world, they do not show much animosity; in a Christmas special Pinky even wrote to Santa that Brain had the world’s best interests at heart.

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The Land Before Time (Complete Series) (1994 – 2007)

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The film starts with the narrator saying “Once upon this same earth, Beneath the same sun, Long before You, Before the Ape and the Elephant as well. Before the Wolf, the Bison, the Whale, Before the Mammoth and the Mastodon in the time of the Dinosaurs” when a drought is occurring and some dinosaurs are heading to the “Great Valley”, an area with lots of leaves. A “Longneck” (Apatosaurus) herd gives birth to a single baby, named Littlefoot (Gabriel Damon). 

              One day, Littlefoot comes across Cera (Candace Hutson), a “Three-horn” (Triceratops), practicing head butting while trying to smash a Beetle with her horn. Littlefoot thinks it is funny and Cera challenges Littlefoot who accepts and the two children charge headfirst toward each other until Cera’s father, Topsy (Burke Byrnes), intervenes and as he gets annoyed with Littlefoot, he meets Littlefoot’s mother (Helen Shaver) who meets him as they depart.
Littlefoot’s mother explains to Littlefoot the different kinds of dinosaurs: “Three-horns, Spiketails, Swimmers, Flyers” and that they’re different and it’s always been that way, but she promises Littlefoot that there will be other longnecks for him to play with in the great valley. That night, as Littlefoot follows a “Hopper” (Frog), Cera plays with Littlefoot for a while until a “Sharptooth” (Tyrannosaurus Rex) (Frank Welker) attacks. 
              During their escape, Littlefoot accidentally blinds Sharptooth in one eye with a thorn. Littlefoot’s mother intervenes, battling with Sharptooth and suffering severe injuries, but managing to defeat him by pushing him into a deep chasm. At the same time, an “earthshake” (earthquake) occurs, opening a deep ravine in the ground, which swallows up the Sharptooth and a great deal of other dinosaurs, and separates many herds, including Littlefoot’s and Cera’s. Littlefoot finds his mother when the earthquake ends, but she is mortally wounded, and near death. Before dying, she tells Littlefoot that she will be with him and gives him instructions on how to get to the Great Valley. She instructs him to follow the “bright circle” (sun) past the “great rock that looks like a longneck” and then past the “mountains that burn” (volcano).
             Cera finds Sharptooth’s body, and thinking him to be dead, pokes fun at him until he awakens, having only been unconscious, causing Cera to flee in terror. Littlefoot meets a “Bigmouth” (Saurolophus)[dubious – discuss] named Ducky (Judith Barsi), who asks to join him. As they travel, and try to find food along the way, they encounter an aerophobic[original research?][verification needed] “Flyer” (Pteranodon) named Petrie (Will Ryan), who joins them on their quest. Cera bumps into them and warns them of Sharptooth, but Littlefoot does not believe her, since he is convinced that Sharptooth is dead. As Cera describes the encounter (exaggerating her bravery), she accidentally flings Ducky near a patch of grass, which has a hatching egg containing a baby “Spiketail” (Stegosaurus). Ducky names him Spike and brings him into their group.

             Sharptooth attacks them in the morning, but they escape through a cave-tunnel too small to admit him, and discover the Longneck-shaped monolith mentioned by Littlefoot’s mother. Although they pass other landmarks she mentioned, such as a string of volcanoes, Cera grows impatient as the search begins to yield no results. She quarrels with Littlefoot, causing a schism in the little herd following a fight between the two. Littlefoot continues in the direction he was told, while the others follow Cera, who goes another way as she wanted to (against Littlefoot’s wishes). As Ducky, Spike and Petrie fall into danger involving lava barriers and a tar pit, Littlefoot comes and rescues them. They find Cera being harassed by a pack of Pachycephalosaurus, and, having been coated in tar, scare them away. Ashamed and humiliated, Cera, still unwilling to admit that she had gone the wrong way, goes off to be alone.

Later, while frolicking in a pool of water, Littlefoot and his friends spot Sharptooth off in the distance. Surmising that Sharptooth cannot swim, Littlefoot formulates a strategy to defeat the carnivore by luring him into the deep end of the pond, using Ducky as bait, so that he and Spike can use the large rock on top of a nearby cliff to force him into the water. The plan nearly fails when Sharptooth leaps on top of the boulder, until Cera rejoins the group, allowing Littlefoot and his friends to push both Sharptooth and the boulder off the cliff and into the water below. Sharptooth nearly drags Petrie down with him, but Petrie manages to escape.
Littlefoot then follows a cloud that looks and sounds like his mother. Her cloud leads him to the Great Valley, where the children’s surviving relatives are already settled. Littlefoot calls to his friends, and tells them they have found the Great Valley. Petrie and Ducky rejoin their families, and Ducky’s family adopts Spike. Cera reunites with her father, and Littlefoot joins his grandparents. The friends happily run around, and splash in the rivers. The group then races to the top of a hill and they hold each other up as the narrator closes the film by saying “And they all grew up together in the valley. generation upon generation, each passing on to the next, the tale of their ancestor’s journey to the valley long ago”.

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The Maxx – The Complete Series

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Main story arc

                                                           Mr. Gone, a serial killer and rapist with a telepathic link to Julie and extensive knowledge of and access to people’s various Outbacks, starts phoning Julie. She thinks he is merely an obscene phone caller, and ignores him. Eventually, The Maxx gets in Gone’s way by “protecting” Julie, so Gone tries to kill him, assisted by the Isz, the Outback’s main predators. The Maxx fights him in both The Outback and the real world.
                                                         Eventually, Mr. Gone makes Julie see the truth about her past, and reveals to her how The Maxx came to be. A twist is revealed by Gone: the fact that Gone first met Julie when she was a child. She knew him as “uncle Artie”, a friend of her father’s. Gone’s tall tales about a visit to Australia helped shape Julie’s Outback. As Julie begins healing herself and The Outback, the series follows Sarah, a depressed teenager whose mother sends her to Julie for counseling. Sarah is often in conflict with her mother, who disciplines her so she won’t grow up to be like her father, eventually revealed to be Mr. Gone.


                                                     The backstories of several characters are revealed midway through the series. While in college, Julie stops her car to help a man in the street who beats and rapes her, before finally leaving her to die. To cope, she hides in what is referred to as her ‘Outback’ (a primeval landscape situated entirely in her subconscious, where she has control). In The Outback, she becomes “The Leopard Queen”, an all-powerful goddess. She spends so much time dwelling in her Outback that the real world and The Outback gradually become unstable.
                                                     One night, she accidentally hits a homeless man with her car. Remembering what happened the last time she stopped to help someone, she covers the unconscious body with trash, but in doing so she unintentionally opens a link to the Outback. After Julie leaves, a lampshade in the trash (which had brushed the Outback) expands over the man’s body, becoming a mask that costumes him and links him to Julie.

Second storyline

                                                After the conclusion of the first storyline, the action leaps forward from 1995 (the then-present) to the year 2005. Julie and Dave (the former Maxx) having vanished, the action focuses on Sara (as she now spells her name) and Iago, a giant, murderous yellow slug from her Outback. Iago has a list of people to kill, and it turns out that Julie and Sara are both on it. Sara is hounded by a homeless man named Norbert whom she soon realizes is her Maxx. Sara has constant confrontations with Mr. Gone, who is repentant of his past crimes. He is visited by three special agents intent on arresting him, but he turns them into insects. Later, after reading a diary he leaves for her that reveals his tragic origin story, Sara eventually feels sympathy for and a connection to her father. She also begins developing a strange power that she may be inheriting from Mr. Gone.
                                              Julie and Dave return to the story after Julie is attacked by Iago and loses a few fingers. It turns out that Julie abandoned her son, Mark, to keep him safe from Iago. She tries to have Dave tell Mark that she’s dead so he will stop seeking her out, but Mark doesn’t believe him. Sara, Dave, Mark, Mr. Gone and Norbert band together to rescue Julie from Iago, who kidnaps her and takes her into Sara’s outback. Norbert cuts Iago open, apparently defeating him, but Julie has already escaped. Norbert and Iago are never heard from again.
                                              Mr. Gone soon reveals that time is unraveling for the group, which now includes Glorie, one of Mr. Gone’s past victims who now has a friendly relationship with him. Gone returns Dave’s Maxx power to him. Sara returns as a being whom differently people perceive as a giant Isz, pink fairy or football. Mark has an odd dream about eccentric kidnappers. Each member of the group begins to disappear from reality to be reborn in another. Before Mr. Gone can disappear, the three agents who previously tried to arrest him, who now appear as humanoid beings with insect bug heads, return and kill him, as he expected. Mark is the last to disappear.

                                            In Julie’s outback, Mr. Gone is reunited with Sara, who is now a child again. The Maxx considers attacking him, but the Jungle Queen says to leave him be, because even evil deserves a place to rest.
                                            In the new reality, Mr. Gone is a professor and Dave is a janitor at his school. Julie and Mark are still mother and son, but seem to live in better conditions. All the principal characters now lead completely different lives, yet retain a small part of their connection to the Outback and to each other.

Spirit animals

                                         One of the dominant concepts of The Maxx is that every human being has a spirit animal, which is linked to the person during a pivotal moment in their life. Julie’s spirit animal is a rabbit. When she was very young, Julie rescued a dying rabbit that lay in the road in front of her house (as seen in The Maxx #10). Julie later witnessed her mother bludgeoning the rabbit to death with a shovel to put it out of its misery. This traumatic event linked the rabbit to Julie’s subconscious. Julie projects the rabbit onto Dave as she tries to take care of him like the rabbit she was unable to save. Maxx, who is linked to Julie and her spirit animal, worries that, if he removes his mask, she will find the head of a rabbit beneath it.
Sarah’s spirit animal is a horse. In the latter half of the series, this spirit animal manifests itself as Norbert, a homeless man she takes pity on.


                                        The main inhabitants of The Outback, this Isz are small, eyeless beings with egg-shaped bodies, arms and legs, about as large as housecats. The omniverous white Isz of the Outback become cannibalistic black Isz when brought into the real world. They are stronger, faster, and have sharper teeth than white Isz. However in one instance, a single White Isz was able to cross over into the real world unchanged when there was a small punctured hole in an alley wall that directly connected both realities. The Black Isz proceeded to torture their less aggressive kin after its initial mission had been completed, showing the completely opposite degrees of aggression the two types exhibit. The Black Isz can assume different appearances depending on the clothes they wear, and their intent. If an Isz is dressed as an elderly woman, it appears as such to anyone who does not know already that it is an Isz. In the latter part of the series, Sara’s Isz appear as pink, flying, eyeless fairies that explode if not kept in water.

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