An American Tail 1986

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                                                 In 1885 Shostka, Russia, the Mousekewitzes— a Russian-Jewish family of mice —decide to immigrate to the United States after an army of cruel cats that belong to the Cossacks (a reference to actual pogroms occurring in Russia at the time) destroy their village. During the trip overseas, the family’s young son, Fievel, gets separated from the others and washes overboard in a storm. They arrive sadly in America, believing they’ve lost their son.

                                                 Fievel, however, floats to America in a bottle and, after a pep talk from a French pigeon named Henri, embarks on a quest to find his family. He is waylaid by conman Warren T. Rat, who gains his trust and then sells him to a sweatshop. He escapes with Tony, a street-smart Italian mouse, and they join up with Bridget, an Irish mouse trying to rouse her fellow mice to stand up to cats. When a gang of some cats called the Mott Street Maulers attacks a mouse marketplace, the immigrant mice learn that the tales of a no-cat country is not true.

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Footrot Flats: The Dog’s Tale (1986)

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                                                          Wal Footrot (John Clarke) and Cooch Windgrass (Peter Hayden) are shearing sheep on Wal’s farm. Cheeky Hobson (Fiona Samuel), Wal’s girlfriend, is driving on the highway when she is driven off the road by the Murphy brothers, Spit (Brian Sergent) and Hunk (Marshall Napier), flying in a helicopter.

                                                          The Murphys then terrorise Wal’s property, leaving Dog (Peter Rowley) to drown in a sheep pit. As he is in the water, he has a flashback of when he was a little pup: how he was united with Wal for the first time, a gift from Aunt Dolly (Dorothy McKegg), and how he met Jess, who was nearly drowned by Spit and Hunk. Soon, Wal wakes Dog and Cooch and the dogs manage to foil the Murphys, who were in the process of capturing Cooch’s deer.

                                                          Later, Wal finds Rangi Jones (Rawiri Paratene) and Pongo Footrot (Fiona Samuel) playing catch with a rugby ball, and so he joins in to coach them.
After a while, Rangi and Pongo tell Wal about an All Blacks selector coming to watch an upcoming rugby match, and Wal daydreams about being an All Black.

                                                   Over the next few days, Wal works out and goes on a date with Cheeky. Wal takes her to a caravan restaurant selling fast food, run by Pawai (Billy T. James). Dog bursts in on them, thinking that Cheeky is trying to poison Wal, but ends up ruining the dinner after Cheeky vows never to see Wal ever again.

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G.I. Joe Season 1,2,3 Complete

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

                            This five-part pilot mini-series was alternately aired under the title “The MASS Device” during the series’ syndication. Cobra develops an experimental teleportation unit, known as the MASS device, which has the ability to transport matter to any global location, using a satellite to relay the teleportation beam. G.I. Joe must stop Cobra by creating a MASS system of their own, but first must gather the three rare elements that power the device, which consist of radioactive crystals, heavy water found in the depths of the ocean, and fragments from a giant meteorite.

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G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra

                                      Cobra has returned in force, armed with a new weapon created by Destro—the Weather Dominator, which is able to manipulate storm systems. In the beginning of the miniseries, Cobra steals the power core for a new laser cannon the Joes were transporting to their headquarters, and adds it to the Weather Dominator, giving it unlimited power. Damaged in a preliminary battle, the device breaks into its three component pieces, which scatter across the world. The G.I. Joe team must recover the pieces, before Cobra can reclaim them to rebuild their weather weapon.

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G.I. Joe: The Pyramid of Darkness

                                           The third miniseries installment of the G.I. Joe series originally debuted in its complete form during prime time and was later adapted to the more familiar five-part daily miniseries format for rebroadcast on syndicated television. The story centers on Cobra’s attempts to build and maintain a new weapon (of the title) that will neutralize all electrical power in the Earth’s Northern hemisphere. Four giant “control” cubes are to be placed at key locations around the globe. Once the Joes orbiting space station is seized, the cubes are activated and the pyramid is complete. The Joe force must battle Cobra to destroy the pyramid and find the terrorist organization’s secret headquarters.

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G.I. Joe: Arise, Serpentor, Arise!

                                                  The fourth miniseries dealt with Cobra’s attempts to genetically engineer a new leader, Serpentor. In light of Cobra Commander’s persistent failings to lead Cobra to world domination, Doctor Mindbender, influenced by a vivid dream, sends Cobra’s forces to locations around the world to gather DNA from history’s most famous and ruthless leaders. DNA samples are collected from the graves of such historical figures as Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula), Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, and Ivan the Terrible, among several others.                                             
                                               The final phase of the process is partially disrupted by Sgt. Slaughter, having been freed by Cobra Commander, who was resistant to the project from the start. The Joes fight Cobra around the globe, in an attempt to stop them from collecting the DNA samples. However, Mindbender completes the process, creating the ingenious but petulant and impatient Serpentor, who is installed as the ultimate leader of Cobra.

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G.I. Joe Season 3

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Dennis The Menace Animated TV Series Complete

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                                                                    The young blond boy with a cowlick and a mischievous personality, Dennis the Menace, gets into numerous scrapes and adventures with his dog Ruff and his friends Joey, Margaret, Gina, Tommy, PeeBee and Jay.
                                                                    Dennis is an impulsive, angel-faced little devil who is always getting into scrapes whom end up tormenting his hapless next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson (though Dennis always means well). Dennis finds himself involved in all kinds of wild adventures (some of which are fantasy-based like the international espionage and trips into the past stories) but always manages to save the day.


Dennis_A_Visitor_From_Outer_Space.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_All_The_Presidents__Menace.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Cheer_Up.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Circus_Berserkus.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_Dennis__Yard_Sale.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Disaster_On_The_Green.avi (102 MB)
Dennis_Fishing_For_Trouble.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Future_Fortune.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_Genie_Madness.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Ghost_Blusters.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_Here_Kitty.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_It_Came_From_Planet_Dennis.avi (101 MB)
Dennis_Jungle_Bungle.avi (152 MB)
Dennis_Private_1.avi (101 MB)
Dennis_Racetrack_Menace.avi (101 MB)
Dennis_Shark_Treatment.avi (102 MB)
Dennis_So_Long_Old_Paint.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Spa_Blahs.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_Space_Menace.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_The_Abominable_Snow_Menace.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_The_Life_You_Save.avi (171 MB)
Dennis_The_Love_Rowboat.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_The_Magic_Flute.avi (102 MB)
Dennis_The_Monster_Of_Mudville_Flats.avi (102 MB)
Dennis_The_Price_Of_Stardom.avi (100 MB)
Dennis_The_Time_Bomb.avi (101 MB)
Dennis_Train_That_Boy.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_Trembly_Assembly.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_Whale_Of_A_Tale.avi (151 MB)
Dennis_Wilson_The_Menace.avi (101 MB)

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Defenders of the Earth Complete Series

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                                             The plot begins with Flash Gordon and his son Rick escaping from Ming the Merciless. Ming has exhausted all the natural resources of his home planet Mongo and has set his sights on Earth. Flash’s wife Dale Arden is captured and Ming tries to brainwash her. She resists to the point of death.


Defenders Of The Earth 1986 Intro

ep 1

ep 2

ep 3

ep 4

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ep 9

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ep 40

ep 41

ep 42

ep 43

ep 44

ep 45

ep 46

ep 47

ep 48

ep 49

ep 50

ep 51

ep 52

ep 53

ep 54

ep 55

ep 56

ep 57

ep 58

ep 59

ep 60

ep 61

ep 62

ep 63

ep 64

ep 65

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Dungeons and Dragons

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The general premise of the show is that a group of children are pulled into the “Realm of Dungeons & Dragons” by taking a magical dark ride on an amusement park roller coaster.Invariably, the children try to return home, but often take detours to help people, or find that their fates are intertwined with the fate of others.

Upon arriving in the Realm, the children are a little out of place, but the Dungeon Master, named for the referee in the role-playing game, assuming the role of their mentor, appears and gives them each clothing and magical paraphernalia to suit their abilities.


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Dragonball Z ALL SEASONS

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                                                                 The series begins with a monkey-tailed boy named Goku befriending a young teenage girl named Bulma. Together, they go on a quest to find the seven Dragon Balls. Along the way, they meet and befriend a plethora of martial artists.

                                                                 Goku also undergoes rigorous training regimes and educational programs in order to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament, a competition involving the most powerful fighters in the world. Outside the tournaments, Goku faces diverse villains such as Emperor Pilaf, the Red Ribbon Army, the evil Namekian Piccolo Daimao and his offspring Piccolo Jr., who eventually becomes Goku’s ally and close friend.

                                         As a young adult, Goku, meets his older brother Raditz, who reveals to him that they are members of an extinct extraterrestrial race called Saiyans. The Saiyans had sent Goku to Earth as an infant to conquer the planet for them, but he suffered a severe head injury soon after his arrival and lost all memory of his mission.
                                     Goku refuses to help Raditz continue the mission, after which he begins to encounter other enemies from space, most notably the Saiyan prince Vegeta, who becomes his rival due to Vegeta’s obsessive desire to surpass Goku in strength, though in the process, he too eventually becomes Goku’s ally.
                    He also encounters Frieza, the galactic overlord responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan race, whose actions cause Goku to transform into a legendary Super Saiyan. After an epic battle on the planet Namek, Goku defeats Frieza, avenging the lives of billions across the universe.

                                         Years later, a group of androids from the former Red Ribbon Army appear, seeking revenge against Goku. During this time, an evil life form called Cell emerges and, after absorbing two of the androids to increase his power, holds his own fighting tournament to decide the fate of the Earth, but is eventually defeated by Goku’s first child Son Gohan.
                                         Seven years later, Goku is drawn into another battle for the universe against a magical monster named Majin Buu. After many battles, Goku destroys the evil original Majin Buu and the good part of Buu settles down with them.

                                         Ten years later, at another World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku meets the evil Buu’s human reincarnation, Uub. Leaving the match between the two of them unfinished, Goku takes Uub away on a journey to train him as the Earth’s next defender.


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                    The program is set in Antarctica and centres around penguin families & businesses who live & work in igloos. The main character Pingu belongs to one such family. He frequently goes on adventures with his little sister Pinga & often gets into mischief with his best friend Robby the Seal.The cartoon is one of the famous clay cartoons ever made.The main feature of this series is the lack of speech.

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Asterix Animated Movies Collection

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Asterix the Gaul (1967)

Asterix and Cleopatra (1968)

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976)

Asterix Versus Caesar (1985)

Asterix in Britain (1986)

Asterix and the Big Fight (1989)

Asterix Conquers America (1994)

Asterix and the Vikings (2006)

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MASK All Seasons

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It featured a special task force featuring an array of characters, led by Matt Trakker, with transforming vehicles engaged in an ongoing battle against the criminal organization V.E.N.O.M. (an acronym for the Vicious Evil Network oMayhem), with an emphasis on super-powered helmets calledmasks worn by the characters on the show. Deathstone-(XVID).avi Star Chariot-(XVID).avi Book of Power-(XVID).avi to Terror-(XVID).avi VENOM-(XVID).avi Boy-(XVID).avi Ultimate Weapon-(XVID).avi Roteks-(XVID).avi Oz Effect-(XVID).avi from the Sky-(XVID).avi Magma Mole-(XVID).avi Park-(XVID).avi Creeping Terror-(XVID).avi on Liberty-(XVID).avi Sceptre of Rajim-(XVID).avi Golden Goddess-(XVID).avi of the Rings-(XVID).avi Vibrations-(XVID).avi Bomb-(XVID).avi Fever-(XVID).avi Gras Mystery-(XVID).avi Secret of Life-(XVID).avi Point-(XVID).avi Caper-(XVID).avi Plant Show-(XVID).avi of the Andes-(XVID).avi Power-(XVID).avi Matter of Gravity-(XVID).avi Lost Riches of Rio-(XVID).avi Blue Slime-(XVID).avi Currency of Conspiracy-(XVID).avi's Sword-(XVID).avi in Paris-(XVID).avi Dutch-(XVID).avi Lippizaner Mystery-(XVID).avi Sacred Rock-(XVID).avi of Solomon's Gorge-(XVID).avi Nightmare-(XVID).avi of the Skull-(XVID).avi Motion-(XVID).avi Artemis Enigma-(XVID).avi Chinese Scorpion-(XVID).avi Riddle of the Raven Master-(XVID).avi Spectre of Captain Kidd-(XVID).avi Secret of the Stones-(XVID).avi Lost Fleet-(XVID).avi of the Canyon-(XVID).avi the Rainbow-(XVID).avi Everglades Oddity-(XVID).avi Royal Cape of Caper-(XVID).avi Puzzle-(XVID).avi On Boulder Hill-(XVID).avi of Glowworm Grotto-(XVID).avi Trees-(XVID).avi in Istanbul-(XVID).avi Creeping Desert-(XVID).avi Scarlet Empress-(XVID).avi Menace-(XVID).avi of the Nazca Plain-(XVID).avi Act-(XVID).avi of Darkness-(XVID).avi Manakara Giant-(XVID).avi of the Orient Express-(XVID).avi Duel to the Death-(XVID).avi Eagles Dare-(XVID).avi Bound-(XVID).avi Battle of the Giants-(XVID).avi Against Time-(XVID).avi of the Masters-(XVID).avi One Shining Moment-(XVID).avi Noon-(XVID).avi Battle for Baja-(XVID).avi Hanger-(XVID).avi

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