Wal Footrot (John Clarke) and Cooch Windgrass (Peter Hayden) are shearing sheep on Wal’s farm. Cheeky Hobson (Fiona Samuel), Wal’s girlfriend, is driving on the highway when she is driven off the road by the Murphy brothers, Spit (Brian Sergent) and Hunk (Marshall Napier), flying in a helicopter.

                                                          The Murphys then terrorise Wal’s property, leaving Dog (Peter Rowley) to drown in a sheep pit. As he is in the water, he has a flashback of when he was a little pup: how he was united with Wal for the first time, a gift from Aunt Dolly (Dorothy McKegg), and how he met Jess, who was nearly drowned by Spit and Hunk. Soon, Wal wakes Dog and Cooch and the dogs manage to foil the Murphys, who were in the process of capturing Cooch’s deer.

                                                          Later, Wal finds Rangi Jones (Rawiri Paratene) and Pongo Footrot (Fiona Samuel) playing catch with a rugby ball, and so he joins in to coach them.
After a while, Rangi and Pongo tell Wal about an All Blacks selector coming to watch an upcoming rugby match, and Wal daydreams about being an All Black.

                                                   Over the next few days, Wal works out and goes on a date with Cheeky. Wal takes her to a caravan restaurant selling fast food, run by Pawai (Billy T. James). Dog bursts in on them, thinking that Cheeky is trying to poison Wal, but ends up ruining the dinner after Cheeky vows never to see Wal ever again.

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