The season begins with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner already established as the Hulk and on the run, captured by the military after another attempt at ridding himself of the beast within goes awry.

                                       He eventually escapes, and falls into the hands of The Leader (this version of him is very much like the comic books except is served by Gargoyle and the Gamma Warriors, such as Abomination, he created from Hulk’s DNA), but the intervention of mutated cave dwelling gamma creatures, Banner’s loyal friend Rick Jones, and the love of his life Betty Ross (like in many comic book incarnations, Betty along with Doc Samson is seen here trying to find a cure for Bruce Banner, who becomes the Hulk whenever enraged), is enough to liberate

                                     The Hulk and he becomes a fugitive again, with a more aggressive General Ross, Betty’s father, continuing his pursuit. However, in “And the Wind Cries…Wendigo!”, Hulk and General Ross had to work together to save Betty after the Wendigo (a curse placed upon an Indian) captured her.

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