Zak Saturday and his parents, Doc and Drew are a family of world-saving scientists called “The Secret Saturdays.” Living in a hidden base, they are part of a secret organization of scientists known as The Secret Scientists who protect mankind against the hidden and terrifying things of the world.

In the series, folktales aren’t just legends, but actual mysteries that the Saturday family must solve.

Traveling all over the world, the Saturdays explore ancient temples and bottomless caves,
and battle with villains which includes the evil V.V. Argost (who hides his evil plans under his TV show Weird World) and a masked mercenary, who specializes in the capture of cryptids, named Van Rook. Scouring the globe in search of cryptids, the Saturdays attempt to keep the existence of these unusual beasts secret, to protect both mankind and the creatures themselves.
The Saturdays and their exotic cryptid pets are a loving bunch, trying to work through everyday family matters and squabbles in-between their adventures.


Season 1 103 -The Vengeance of Hibagon 104 -Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes 105 -Guess Who’s Going to Be Dinner 106 -The King of Kumari Kandam 108 -Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit 109 -The Owlman Feeds at Midnight 110 -The Swarm at the Edge of Space 114 -The Underworld Bride 115 -Ghost in the Machine 116 -Something in the Water 118 -Once More the Nightmare Factory 119 -Curse of the Stolen Tiger 124 -Where Lies the Engulfer

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