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The movie begins with the news revealing that an Egyptian pyramid was stolen. When super-villain Gru (Steve Carell) hears of this, he explains to his minions that they stole the Times Square Jumbotron, the Statue of Liberty replica from Las Vegas, and a replica of the Eiffel Tower from Las Vegas. Gru then plans to pull the biggest heist of the century by stealing the Moon.

Gru tries to get a loan from the Bank of Evil (which a sign notes tongue-in-cheek was “Formerly Lehman Brothers”) and meets a young super-villain, Vector (Jason Segel), who annoys him. Bank president Mr. Perkins (Will Arnett) refuses to grant Gru the loan until he obtains the shrink ray necessary for the plan. Mr. Perkins tells Gru that he is getting too old and that new super-villains are younger and better, like Vector, who is revealed to be the one who stole the Pyramid of Giza. Before Gru leaves the bank, he freezes Vector’s head with his freeze ray just as Vector was putting a pirahna that he fired from his gun back in it. Vector then falls as the pirahna attacks him again.

Gru and his minions steal the shrink ray from a secret lab in East Asia, but Vector steals it from him and Gru and the minions chase him before Vector zaps Gru’s ship with the shrink ray causing it to shrink with Gru and the minions in it and Gru says he hates Vector as him and his minions ride on his tiny ship. Gru attempts to get the shrink ray back from Vector’s lair, but all his attempts to enter the lair prove futile because Vector set up defenses like a shark that eats Gru and pulls Gru down into the sewers , boxing gloves that punch Gru in his legs, and heat- seeking missles. After seeing three orphaned girls, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Elsie Fisher) enter the lair to sell cookies to Vector, Gru adopts the girls from Miss Hattie (Kristen Wiig), the head of the orphanage, to use them to steal back the shrink ray. Gru has his assistant Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) build robots disguised as cookies. First, Dr. Nefario shows Gru an anti- gravity serum then a fart gun ( which was supposed to be a dart gun) before showing Gru the cookie robots. Gru then has the girls sell the robots to Vector, and the robots help Gru steal the shrink ray.

On the way home the girls ask to go to an amusement park. Gru agrees, intending to leave the girls there. Instead, the attendant says he, as an adult, has to ride the roller coaster with them. Before leaving, Gru uses a blaster to blow up a game called “Space Killer” to win a fluffy unicorn for Agnes after Edith disintegrated her original one after messing around with Gru’s disintegration ray. Back at home, he presents his plan to Mr. Perkins via video. The girls keep interrupting him by freezing his body with his freeze ray, asking him if they could order pizza, and drawing a picture of him sitting on his toilet. Perkins again refuses to give him the loan, claiming that although he doesn’t have a problem with the plan, he just wants a younger villain to do it instead. Gru has a flashback of his childhood, depicting his wanting to go to the moon after seeing the first moon landing.

 When he tried to impress his mother (Julie Andrews) with models of the rocket (and an actual working one), she just ignored him. Mr. Perkins calls Vector (revealed to be his son, whose real name is Victor) to the Bank of Evil to inform him that Gru has the shrink ray. Vector reassures his father that he will get the Moon. Gru almost abandons his plan due to lack of funds, but the girls and the minions take up a collection to keep it going.
However, Gru has to make a choice, because the moon will be in the optimal position for the heist on the same day as the girls’ ballet recital. Dr. Nefario, seeing the girls as a distraction, contacts Miss Hattie, who arrives to take the girls back. Gru, the Minions, and the girls are heartbroken. Gru goes on with his plan and flies to the moon. Vector, meanwhile, fires a squid attached to a rope from his gun. Gru later shocks Vector causing Vector to fall off the rocket. Vector nearly falls to his death but he activates his flight suit before getting electrocuted by an internet tower.

Gru makes it to the Moon and successfully shrinks and pockets it. Gru remembers the ballet recital and rushes to it. However, when he gets there in the top of his rocket and puts his clothes on, it has ended. There, he finds a ransom note from Vector demanding the moon in exchange for the girls. After Gru hands over the moon, Vector reneges on the deal, keeping the girls and the moon. This enrages Gru, who storms Vector’s lair, this time successfully breaching the defenses by punching Vector’s shark before it attacks him and making Vector’s heat- seeking missles blow up the outside entrance to his Fortress of Vector- tude. Vector flies off in an escape pod with the girls. Gru holds on to the exterior of the ship. He nearly falls to his death, but is rescued by Dr. Nefario piloting Gru’s now regrown ship. Nefario reveals that the bigger the object, the quicker the effects of the shrink ray wear off. Very soon, the moon begins to grow and roll around inside Vector’s ship, hurting him and freeing the girls. The girls see Gru outside of the ship, and Gru tells them to jump over to him. Edith and Agnes successfully make it onto the ship, but before Margo can jump, Vector grabs her. The moon rolls again and knocks Vector over, and Margo grabs onto Gru’s grappling hook. The minions rescue Gru and Margo before Gru and Margo fall to their deaths by forming a chain, while the rapidly-expanding Moon wrecks Vector’s controls, breaks his escape pod, and gets sent back into orbit.

Gru and the girls settle down to live a happy life as a family and Vector is stranded on the Moon. Before the girls go to bed, Gru reads them a book he wrote called “One Big Unicorn” after the original book “Three Sleepy Kittens” was destroyed by Gru’s dog Kyle. The girls then hold a special ballet recital for Gru, his minions, and his mother who acknowledges Gru to be a better parent than she was. The music changes from Swan Lake to You Should Be Dancing, and everyone rushes on stage to dance along with Vector and one of Gru’s minions who drank Dr. Nefario’s anti- gravity serum and floated into space and the film ends when Gru uses his elevator to lift him and the girls up to see the moon. As the credits roll, a post- credits scene with Gru’s minions having a distance contest is shown. First, one minion nearly falls off the edge of the floor when a minion referee and another one of Gru’s minions shows up and challenges the other minion to a distance contest.
 The minion puts a plunger on a wall and walks to the edge of the handle when the other minion stomps the floor causing the minion challenger and the plunger to fall. Next, the same minion that stomped the floor has a ladder that he hammers onto the floor. The minion referee and the minion challenger see him and the minion challenger gives the other minion a fishing rod which the minion challenger uses to go really far after bouncing on the ladder. The other minion than uses a ping- pong paddle to hit the minion challenger as the fishing line goes back and forth. Finally, the minion referee gets inside a cannon that the other minions fire causing the minion referee to go too far and hit the screen. The minion referee then makes shadow puppets of a duck, a bird, and Gru when the real Gru suddenly shows up and the minion referee walks away. The rest of the credits roll after Gru lets out a light chuckle.